Powered Bag Magazine

The Parsons-Eagle Powered Bag Magazine conveniently stores a large quantity of individual pre-made paper or plastic SOS, SUP or side-gusseted bottom seal bags and reliably presents them to the bag hanger for placement and filling.

Powered Bag Magazine Features:

  • Compact magazine design
  • Handles reclosable bag options such as press-to-close or slider zipper features with front panel or bag top zipper placement 
  • Patented textured side belt design for positive bag support
  • Convenient bag magazine width adjustment 
  • Simple bag height adjustment 
  • Precise back pressure control
  • Magazine storage capacity in excess of 250 bags
  • Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Pre-made bag size capabilities:

  • Width: 5 to 12-inch or 6 to 14-inch 
  • Length: 11-inch to 24-inch



Bag Styles


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