Parsons-Eagle manufactures quality machinery for charcoal including linear and combination scale systems.

Why choose Parsons-Eagle machinery to weigh charcoal?

  • Significant experience in the weighing and primary packaging of charcoal products
  • State of the art net weigh scales systems with user friendly touchscreen
  • Accurate, reliable and rugged net weigh scale design
  • Changeover from one product size to another is quick and easy, thereby reducing downtime and increasing efficiency
  • Machines can easily be integrated with other upstream or downstream equipment
  • Committed and experienced after sales support and field service departments

Parsons-Eagle manufactures weighing machinery for charcoal products such as:

  • Natural Charcoal
  • Processed Briquettes

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Linear Scales

Our linear scales are designed for accurate and reliable net weighments of a variety of free flow and semi-free flow consumer and industrial products.
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Combination Scales

Our combination scales are ideal for net weighing or counting of a wide range of consumer and industrial products.
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