14-Head Combination Scale

The 14-head scale is a single discharge multi-head combination net weigher ideal for weighing or counting a wide range of products including confectionary, bakery, pet food or teats, pasta, cereal, charcoal, fresh produce and salty snacks up to 110 discharges per minute.

14-Head Combination Scale Features:

  • PC based control system with user friendly touchscreen
  • Stainless steel construction for IQF and other wash-down environments
  • Can be supplied with stepper or pneumatic bucket actuation, net weighing or piece count capabilities
  • Hot swappable weigh heads require no pre-programming when moved from one weigh
    head location to another
  • Triple-beam strain gauge load cells in the weigh heads combined with a highly refined vibration filter system (DSP) provide precise weighments in weigh buckets
  • Automatic tare ensures accuracy with sticky and dusty products
  • Storage for over 100 setups in memory
  • USDA and IQF wash-down designs are available
  • Engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Machine Speed:

  • Up to 110 weighments per minute


  • <1.0 g average giveaway per 500 g weighment

Weigh Bucket Specifications: 

  • Bucket configurations:
       - 75 cubic inch (1.22 l) weigh bucket working volume
       - 115 cubic inch (1.88 l) weigh bucket working volume
       - 175 cubic inch (2.87 l) weigh bucket working volume
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel with smooth welded seams
  • Pneumatic or stepper motor actuation

Maximum Throughput: 

  • Up to 250 lbs (113.40 kg) per minute

Machine Options: 

  • NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Distribution cone motion options
  • Customized parts and finishes for unique product handling
  • High capacity flood feed infeed module
  • Integrated product diverters
  • Gentle product handling features

Common products weighed include:




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